Boone Station

Please help us to set the record straight at Boone Station!

While visiting this important Boone historical site, one cannot help but notice the only object in an otherwise empty field – the large 6-foot tall, white monument pictured above. Boone Names on the monument are: Israel (1759-1782), son of Daniel killed in the Battle of Blue Licks, August 19, 1782; Edward (1740-1780), brother of Daniel killed by Indians; Samuel (1728-1805) Revolutionary Soldier, brother of Daniel; Sarah Day (1734-1819), wife of Samuel; Thomas, son of Samuel and Sarah killed at Battle of Blue Licks August 19, 1782.

Although this monument, erected in 1967 by a DAR chapter in Lexington, KY, can be considered simply a memorial to those who died while living there, it seems to indicate that five Boone family members are buried there. Boone Society’s genealogists believe that of the five names on this monument, only Samuel is probably buried at Boone Station, as indicated on the Highway Historical Marker at the station:


Grave of Samuel Boone, the eldest brother of Daniel Boone, renowned Kentucky pioneer. Samuel was born in Penna., May 20, 1728. Came to Kentucky from South Carolina in 1779 with his family and settled Boone’s Station. He joined in defense of Bryan’s Station, 1782. His son, Thomas, was killed at Battle of Blue Licks, 1782. He died here, 1816, at the age of 88.

A letter to Lyman Draper written in 1853 by Samuel Boone’s granddaughter, Susan B. Cockrill (DM 23C83) sent to us by Society member Kathryn Weiss, also indicates that Samuel is buried at Boone Station. The letter is transcribed and spelled as written:

“My grandfather Samuel Boone was borne in Pennsylvania and dyed in what is now fayett Ct. in ten miles of Lexington and was buried at Boone Station. He dyed in the year 1808 in the 84th year of his age as well as I can remember. He was A (perfect?) citizen so far as I know.

Susan(nah) Boone (b. 1787 d. aft. 1853) married (probably John) Cockrill, as we have an 1850 Christian Co, KY census record showing John Cockrill, age 69 and wife Susanna, age 68. Susan(nah) was the daughter of Squire III and Anna Grubbs. Squire III names his daughter Susannah Cockrill in his 1818 Logan Co., KY, will. Squire III was a son of Samuel and Sarah Day Boone.

Agreeing with Boone Society genealogists (or we agree with them), the KY Parks Department explains on their website, “… the Boone family suffered many hardships during their three years here, including the deaths of Daniel and Rebecca's son Israel and their nephew Thomas, both at the Battle of Blue Licks. Samuel Boone, Daniel Boone's brother and father of Thomas, is buried at Boone Station. Israel Boone and Thomas Boone are buried at Blue Licks State Park, while Edward Boone, another of Daniel Boone's brothers, is buried where he was killed in Bourbon County, Kentucky.”

As KY State Parks reported in the July 2006 souvenir program for the Living History event, “At Christmas 1779, Daniel Boone and his family along with brothers Edward, Samuel and Jonathan and their families, other extended family members and friends moved the 8 miles from Boonesborough to Boone Station. In all there were approximately 30 men, women and children. They settled and built Boone Station.”

Edward Boone is buried where he was killed Oct 6, 1780, in Bourbon County, KY, as explained in the following text of KY Highway marker No. 2059:

Edward Boone (1740-80)

Death site of Edward Boone, a brother of renowned Kentucky pioneer Daniel Boone, Edward was killed by Indians here Oct. 1780 at age 40 while hunting with Daniel. Boone Creek named for Edward. Daniel and Edward wed sisters, Rebecca and Martha Bryan, whose family built and settled Bryanb Station near Lexington. Presented by The Boone Society, Inc.

The book, DANIEL BOONE, The Life and Legend of an American Pioneer, by John Mack Faragher, pp. 221-222 tells of the deaths of Israel and Thomas at the Battle of Blue Licks. Other details of their deaths are outlined in Draper letters from John Dabney Shane interviews DM6S165-66 and Sarah Graham DM12CC50 in the 1840’s.

In conversations with officials of the Kentucky State Parks Department, Society President Rochelle Cochran has learned that State Parks would like to erect a new interpretive marker at Boone Station to more accurately explain the burials of those five Boone family members. They reported, however, that Kentucky State Parks does not have $1,500.00 necessary for the new marker.

The Boone Society’s board of directors, therefore, has proposed that the Society try to raise the $1,500.00 and donate it to Kentucky State Parks to erect an interpretive marker at Boone Station with the correct information on it. The marker would be identified as “Presented by The Boone Society, Inc.”

This is a great opportunity for the Boone Society to correct this misleading information. We believe anyone interested in historical accuracy and, especially, the descendants of Samuel and Sarah Day Boone, and Edward and Daniel Boone would want to help with this project. We need research help to find proof documents and we need financial help.

If you want to help, please contact President Cochran, 501-623-2257, email, or send your donation to: Treasurer, Boone Society, 12384 Aries Loop South, Willis, TX 77318-5225, and indicate your donation is for Boone Station. Remember, the Boone Society is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Boone Station is located at Athens, Fayette Co, KY and is managed by Ft. Boonesborough State Park. YOU MAY ALSO MAKE A DONATION THROUGH YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

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